Passionate About Helping Women 

Hello, I'm Emma and this is my story,

I started off as a happy carefree child growing up in Scotland. Fast forward to my teenage years where both my parents passed away due to illness.


I ran away from my life for the next 10 years and along the way I picked up issues with anxiety and confidence. I started to have panic attacks when outside, along with feeling anxious when going shopping and also meeting up with friends.

Finally I decided to do something about it and after going to a hypnotherapist for help with social anxiety, I found it was an amazing experience. It gave me the ability to walk down the street without panicking or thinking that everyone was judging me. I even used hypnotherapy to be confident enough to stand up and do a speech at my own wedding. I decided that this was the calling for me and gained my clinical hypnotherapy qualification.

My mission is to help other women, like you, see how achievable it is to be comfortable in your own skin. Even when it feel likes the odds are stacked against you, with hormones all over the place, and self loathing when you realise you can't keep up with social media's view of the perfect woman. I say screw all that! You hold the power to be happy and confident, it's already within you. You just need a helping hand to show you the way.

I would love to help you!

Emma x

Things that make me happy ... Nature, Camping, Natural Remedies, Animals, Spirituality and Reading.

Over the years I've picked up a wealth of life skills, enabling me to offer empathetic hypnotherapy sessions to help others.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner GHR 8534

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council CNHC 4814

Registered Dental Nurse GDC 207726

Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy

Smoking Cessation Certificate

Life Coach Certificate

Past Life Regression Certificate

Online sessions available from the comfort of your home

or in my clinic at 180 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 4RW

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